Custom Molded Foot Orthotics and Ankle Braces

Our Custom Insoles Offer Numerous Benefits & Relief from Foot Pain

Orthotics are used as a treatment method to relieve foot or ankle pain and to restore normal foot function. Orthotics offer benefits comparable to what eyeglasses do for your eyes, in that they relieve the pain associated with foot deformities and restore proper function of the foot. Even people experiencing minimal foot discomfort without a significant foot deformity can find relief in custom orthotics.

Foot disorders are commonly caused by a deformity in the structure of your foot, but they can also be caused by wearing shoes that are too small or narrow. In choosing the best type of orthotic for you, our physicians will consider many possible factors contributing to your foot condition to help determine which type of orthotic would be best for you.

Custom Ankle Braces/Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

The first step in creating your custom-molded AFO or ankle brace is to see one of our podiatric physicians for an evaluation. This evaluation will determine the appropriate device for your foot or ankle condition. Once we agree upon the best treatment for your needs, we’ll take an impression of your foot and/or ankle to create a brace or AFO that can help with chronic pain or instability that can be perfect for your needs.