Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality foot and ankle care for our patients in a relaxing comfortable environment.

Your Experience

Dr. Carl Salvati, Dr. Armando Gonzalez and their staff at Advanced Podiatry Specialists Specialists will make every effort to provide you the best Podiatric Care. We are here for all your foot and ankle issues with state of the art technology to provide you with the highest level of care. Dr. Salvati & Dr. Gonzalez will diagnose and treat your specific condition and provide you with ways to prevent its recurrence. Our highly qualified staff are here to help you and make you feel comfortable.

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  • Blanky Marquez-Bradshaw

    I want to take this opportunity to recognize Dr. Gonzalez services. As a former Health Services Administrator in charge of an HMO and four (4) health care centers, I dealt with medical practices for 18 years and I can recognize a good medical professional since the first visit. I just want to share with you that Dr. Armando J, Gonzalez is an excellent Podiatry and a great human being who identifies with the patient condition and make everything a lot easier and less painful. A podiatry with a soul, hard to find on these days. My experience with his treatment has been outstanding. I went to two different orthopedists and apart from the one in Rio Rancho, New Mexico that was excellent the other one in Orlando damaged my left foot good toe that did not have anything before I went to see him, and after that, I went to two different podiatrists and my experience was awful. Dr. Gonzalez treatment eases my pain and even though I am not completely well I am 100% better than when I went to see him the first time. I have nothing else to say other than I was very lucky to find such an excellent podiatry, and that this practice should be honored to have such a great medical professional.

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