What are Fissures?

A Fissure is a crack or crevice of the skin. Fissures are usually fairly superficial but sometimes are deep. The cause of a fissure can be mechanically induced from the repetitive friction and pressure. They can also be caused from a lack of hydration of the skin, a fungus infection like tinea pedis, or other skin condition such as psoriasis.


How do I prevent Fissures?

Prevention is maintained by managing the hyperkeratotic (thickened) skin with debridement, rehydration, and softening. Many over the counter foot creams can be applied to the heel and bottom of the foot for rehydration. A pumise stone may aid with debriding a thick callous. Potective padding of pressure areas also help prevent fissures. For biomechanical disorders affecting the foot your podiatrist may suggest orthotics for functional control to control the friction caused at the heel.

If a fissure becomes infected it can become a serious condition. Don’t delay seeking medical advice from your podiatrist.